Light Encoded Reality Matrix – LERM

I have always been interested in science, especially physics, and so when I came across the concept I am about to introduce you to, I was not only fascinated, I was convinced of the ideas validity. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity states that

E = MC squared

Which is very significant. Energy (E) is equal to Mass (M) times Celeritas –
the speed of light in vacuum – (C) squared. What this very basically means is that if you speed up matter enough, it becomes light, and if you slow down light enough, matter is created. This is the concept which the Manhattan project used to harness nuclear energy. This is also the concept which makes possible the physical summoning of matter from seemingly nothing – or LERMing. LERM, which is an acronym for Light Encoded Reality Matrix, is an advanced physics concept that describes how the organic supercomputer we know of as the human brain is capable of focusing intentions so intensely that photons of light are pulled together from the very fiber of the universe to create the object of your desire. This information sounds a death knell to the consumer based police state we are now living under in the world at this time because if the masses can harness the power of LERM for the collective good, there can be food, shelter and medicine for all without the need to succumb to dire servitude in an economy that is designed by the Federal Reserve to fail. There is also, of course, the other side of the coin which is people using LERM in a disadvantageous way to harm others. This is a VERY real threat and this could be the main reason why the information is so heavily suppressed. But as a journalist, it is my job to present the information for the general education of all.
Let’s run through some LERM etiquette.

Say you are trying to sell your car. Perhaps your neighbor appears interested, but you are doubtful he will actually go through with the purchase. It would be unethical to try intentionally to LERM your neighbor into making the purchase because that would be encroaching upon his free will. The ethical route would;d be to simply focus on the car selling in general, by any means, and inviting the universe to present this opportunity  for you.

LERMing is very exciting because of the immense possibilities it offers. Not only can you theoretically cause objects to appear from “thin air”, you can go beyond one simple object and create whole situations in your favor! While I am not sure it is wise for me to detail every experiment I conducted, I will share some details and say that the largest part is overcoming that “I can’t” or “This isn’t real” mindset. Remember, if your mind is literally controlling matter, you won’t create much of anything if you harbor a doubtful mindset. That is counterintuitive to the purpose of creation! It might take several months to begin successful LERMing as you retrain your mind to disregard the negative “I can’t” thoughts which have been inlaid since childhood in a deliberate affront to our potential.
Since shedding my “I can’t” doctrine, I have been so successful that I have even LERMed things accidentally. Let me tell you about it! One day I noticed a friend had gotten some new dishware. Something about it was so aesthetically pleasing to me, I kept thinking about it. I thought that I would like to have a set like that. Less than a week later I was at another friends house when the man cleaning the neighbors vacated apartment had some extra dishes he was trying to give away. I walked away with nearly a complete set of the same brand and style of dishes I had been so smitten with! One day, I was thinking about how I could use some money…specifically $800.00 worth. Later that day I made a sale of my work and had my $800.00. Now, perhaps that is not overly significant, but there have been countless instances where I have obtained something I needed or wanted within only a weeks or less of focusing my mind upon it. I urge you to try it also!’
Here is a link which goes into extreme detail about the process. In my research I have discovered that the information originally was available on a website for a group called Wingmakers, but that subsequently the makeup of the group was altered and the current wingmakers sight might not be completely accurate. Honestly not sure about it as I haven’t gotten to talk to any of them in person but I am letting you know so you can keep that in your head as you investigate. I have not found it necessary to do extreme meditation before successfully LERMing. However, the more focus you can maintain regarding your goal the more likely you are to succeed  As I stated, the most important step is rewiring your brain,. When a thought like, “I can’t” or “It isn’t possible” comes into your mind, calmly negate it and tell yourself that you can do it. Once it clicks you will absolutely notice the difference in your thought patterns. You will see how previously your thought controlled you, whereas the way it should really be is for you to control your thoughts, and since our thoughts make up our reality, you control your own reality to a degree. Now, since we are constantly interacting with everyone else’s reality, your reality cannot be absolute, but remains fluid.Imagine our thoughts being the neural pathways between cells, and that we are the cells in the vast living organism of the universe.
According to the interview with a certain Dr. Naruda, who claims to have been a scientist who defected from the controversial ACIO, or Advance Contact Intelligence Organization (The alphabet agency tasked with the reverse engineering of technology of extraterrestrial origin), every human is capable of manifesting thoughts physically. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Naruda’s interview with a journalist named Sarah.

Sarah: “But if I place these interview transcripts on the Internet or some media publication picks up this story, more than just the ACIO staff members are going to know about this stuff. Isn’t this going to screw up the Labyrinth Group’s cloak of secrecy?”

Dr. Neruda: “No. The Labyrinth Group is more than a secret organization. For all practical purposes, it doesn’t exist. The ACIO doesn’t exist. No one will be able to trace the ACIO let alone the Labyrinth Group. Their security technologies are so vastly superior they are completely invulnerable in this regard. Nothing I say, or you publish, will make them more vulnerable. As I said before, their only concern will be the precedent of my defection and how it could create more defections over time.”

Sarah: “Why, why would anyone want to leave–I mean I understand your case–you didn’t want your memories changed or removed. But they don’t commonly do that do they?”

Dr. Neruda: “Not often, but I’m certainly not the first to be targeted to undergo memory implant sessions or other forms of invasive security measures. They’re all part of the culture of the Labyrinth Group and the ACIO. Everyone who enters either of those worlds understands what they must subject themselves to. It’s very clear why the paranoia must be part of the culture. But over time, certain individuals find it suffocating. And these individuals are the ones who are most at risk to see my defection as a reason for their own.

Unfortunately, here at NightOwl we’re still waiting to hear back from the official physicists point of view…but this article WILL be getting an update AS SOON as that information is received because this is such an important topic. Anyone with more information is greatly encouraged to contact me. Thanks again for reading this, please join us soon because this month we have some whopper articles coming up, with some great pics also. Until next time, happy LERMing and don’t forget to do your research!

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Hi, I am an author and freelance journalist who has been writing since I was a teenager. I am now 26 years old and my passion is sharing information that is, for the most part, under the public radar. The purpose of this blog is first and foremost to help expand the awareness of people everywhere. I would like to inspire enough people so that eventually, the public demand for the truth is so great that politicians the world over have no choice but to come clean on such topics as the black budget, deep underground military bases, and the real whereabouts of millions of missing children. Many people regard my claims with skepticism, but I ask you this - if the life of even one child can be saved by merely questioning what we are conditioned to accept, then is it not worth it entirely? I believe that we, as free citizens of planet Earth, have a moral obligation to pursue the truth, even when it is difficult, convoluted, and even when doing so can incur personal danger. Please join me for weekly articles, and tell your friends about Night Owl Productions!

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  1. I did LERM successfully before . I am trying to do it again . Thanks for stating that its based on Einstein’s Theory . I like Einstein and Tesla .

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